Case Study: Acquisition Study Provides Medical Manufacturer with Valuable Data on Products and Perceptions


  • The study identified a clear “best choice” in the market.
  • Two other potential acquisition targets were identified.
  • One of the products investigated, based on end-user comments, was found to be an unattractive candidate.
  • The client used the study to:
    • Supplement additional information from the strategic acquisition team
    • Support recommendations to the senior management team


The study indicated:

  • One product was identified as the perceived leader in the market
  • One product was also used frequently, highly regarded, and recommended and may be the best acquisition target
  • One product was not highly regarded and was an unattractive candidate
  • One product was new and had low awareness and usage

The study was able to provide objective market input on the pros and cons of each product/technology and prioritize the potential acquisition candidates.

Business Challenge

A leading imaging and surgical products manufacturer was investigating the possibility of making an acquisition that would strengthen its position in the market. The company had decided on the market space to enter, but with limited experience and intelligence on the market, needed additional information to support its acquisition decision.

The acquisition target was a newer entrant into the atherectomy market and was up against established players in the market.


Research Objective

The study investigated customers’ perceptions of four products currently on the market. To assess relative strength of each product, the following were determined:

  • Awareness of the product/technology
  • Percent of surgeons using the product/technology
  • Perceived pros and cons of each product/technology
  • Reasons for product brand preference
  • Perceived performance on key product attributes
  • Likelihood to use and recommend products/technology to colleagues



AMG Research conducted an online survey with 81 Interventional Radiologists, Interventional Cardiologists, and Vascular Surgeons. The study was designed, implemented, and reported to the client within 9 days.

Recruitment was achieved through a combination of telephone, fax, and e-mail.


Why AMG Research was Chosen

AMG Research was selected to conduct the research study due to our experience in interviewing physicians and healthcare professionals. Our proven ability to reach the audience effectively and quickly and in providing insight into the final analysis were the primary reasons for selection.