We aren’t your typical market research partner…

We won’t offer you cookie-cutter solutions or copied-and-pasted research designs. We are a boutique market research consultancy with the experience, capabilities, flexibility, and – most importantly – curiosity to efficiently and effectively address your organization’s unique research needs.


We know what we’re doing – we have decades of experience completing hundreds of research projects for dozens of clients across a wide variety of industries.


With a staff of over 25 employees with a wide skill set, a large recruitment department and even our own research facility, we have the capability to undertake complex research projects.


Our clients come first – we don’t hesitate to adjust methodologies, timelines, and projects scope as new information is obtained or client needs change.


We’re in the business of asking questions – we take time to understand our clients’ businesses, business issues, and markets.


Why AMG Research?
At AMG Research, we are passionate about research and helping clients make better business decisions.  We bring experience, expertise, curiosity, and enthusiasm to solving critical business questions through well-designed market research.  We have the capabilities and resources to undertake a range of different projects, from simple to complex. Most importantly, we focus on our clients by understanding their business, their customers, and their objectives.

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Market Landscape

Whether it’s looking at existing or new markets, AMG Research utilizes a well-defined, systematic approach to address market size, segmentation, share, trends and growth, competitor analysis, and potential acquisition candidates.

New Product Development

Research related to product development is as diverse as each of the stages of the product design cycle. We bring the Voice of Customers to your product design throughout the entire development process.


Pricing research is essential to discovering the value your product or portfolio offers to customers and, more importantly, what they are willing to pay for.

Brand Equity

Markets evolve, products are developed, acquisitions occur, and customer perceptions change – and sometimes you lose track of what your customers think about your brand. We have the expertise to provide guidance on how to reach your aspirations.

Competitor Analysis

Our clients aren’t the only companies evaluating their markets, developing new products, and trying to improve profitability – competitors are doing the same and we have the insight to provide direction to the most pressing issues around your competitors.

Customer Satisfaction /Loyalty

We take the time to understand your areas of strength and weakness, what is important to your customers, and how your delivery in these areas differs from competitors. Then we design the research tools to provide side-by-side performance comparison.

What We Do

Our Services
We help our clients address a wide range of different business issues.


Our Clients
We have experience and expertise conducting research across a wide range of industries.


Life Sciences

Industrial & Commercial



Professional & Trade Groups


Our Expertise

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