Case Study: Competitor Intelligence Helps Materials Handling Equipment Company Compete More Effectively in the Industry


The client’s competitor had:

  • Restructured manufacturing techniques
  • Worked more closely with customers and suppliers
  • Focused solely on projects resulting in revenue in excess of $100,000

As a result of these findings, our client was able to compete more effectively.


The study determined:

  • The competitor had been working diligently to implement lean manufacturing techniques and work more closely with customers and suppliers.
  • Additionally, projects of less than $100,000 were not pursued, allowing the competitor to focus on larger, more profitable projects.
  • Recognizing this was a long-term strategy and understanding the steps the competitor had taken to implement this strategy provided a clear path for our client to compete more effectively.

Business Challenge

A material handling equipment manufacturer for the mining industry had seen a number of large projects awarded to their biggest competitor. Their understanding was this competitor was awarded the projects based on offering substantially lower prices.

Our client desired to learn if this competitor was using a short term pricing strategy to win these projects or if the competitor had implemented a longer term strategy to reduce manufacturing costs and, therefore, change the competitive landscape for the industry.

Research Objective

To assist the client in understanding the competitor’s organizational structure and general strategy. If a long-term, cost-reduction strategy was used – identify the steps the competitor took to implement this strategy.



The study included a combination of secondary research and expert interviews with competitors and suppliers.

Face-to-face interviews with the client shortened the learning curve for the project and educated our competitor analysis associate on the industry terminology and issues.

Interviews were conducted with sales and marketing professionals from the competitor’s firm, suppliers, and customers to assess:

  • Annual Sales Revenue
  • Department Size/Structure
  • How the Competitor Interfaces with Customers and Suppliers
  • Sales/Service Strategy


Why AMG Research was Chosen

AMG Research was selected to conduct this research due to our experience conducting similar research in heavy manufacturing and our proven ability to get difficult-to-obtain information from competitors.