Case Study: Customer Satisfaction Study Helps Automotive Component Supplier Identify Areas to Improve


The client focused on developing action plans for areas to improve perceived performance and identified a few accounts requiring personnel changes.


The study provided/identified:

  • A prioritization of 4 – 5 specific aspects of the customer relationship that were essential to the customer
  • An account-by-account rating of how the client was perceived to be performing relative to competitors
  • The motor technology that customers felt would likely grow the fastest over the next 5 – 10 years
  • Specific areas of dissatisfaction with the client and identified that customers were less satisfied with performance once the products became commercially available (i.e. issues were at the production level)

Business Challenge

A major automotive components supplier wanted to add voice of customer (VOC) research to its customer satisfaction process. Rather than only offering components, the supplier was working with prospective customers to develop “modules” or “systems” that integrated more components together into a packaged solution.

Research Objective

To track customer satisfaction performance with both current and prospective customers (those with development projects in place) and to understand customer needs and requirements. The customer base consisted of nine large automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.



AMG Research utilized a combination of telephone and online surveys to complete a high percentage of interviews with the target audience.

AMG Research completed 24 interviews with customers and prospective customers out of a database of 41 contacts provided (59% completion rate). Eight of the nine customer locations participated in the study.

Interviews were pre-scheduled to reduce the inconvenience for the respondent.


Why AMG Research was Chosen

AMG Research was selected to conduct the research study due to our experience with customer satisfaction studies with industrial companies. In addition, AMG Research was able to recruit a difficult audience to participate in the study by being flexible in scheduling customer interviews.