Case Study: Market Opportunity Assessment Identifies Alternative Strategies and Potential Acquisition Target


Several strategic alternatives were considered, including:

  • Private labeling opportunities
  • Acquisition targets- one competitor was identified as a potential acquisition target


The study indicated:

  • $275 million market
  • Dominant share held by a single supplier, in excess of 80% market share
  • Significant barriers to entry were identified
  • Opportunities to differentiate based on aesthetics, ease of installation, and data security

Business Challenge

As part of an effort to expand their product portfolio, our client was interested in understanding the opportunity for surface raceway in North America. While surface raceway would complement the client’s existing portfolio, additional research was required to establish a market entry strategy.

Research Objective

The primary objective of the research was to assess the overall market structure, including market size, competitor market shares, market growth trends, segments, market channels, and key drivers or area of differentiation.

Additionally, AMG Research looked at brand awareness and penetration, key success factors, pricing, and an in-depth review of competitors.



AMG Research conducted nearly 200 telephone interviews with companies all along the value chain — electrical and datacom contractors, distributors, engineering specifying firms, and commercial and industrial end users. Interviews were conduct over a four-week period.

Additionally, competitor analysis research (including direct interviews) was conducted on the five suppliers to the market.

In this approach, we were able to size the market and assess growth trends using competitor research – and assess market drivers and key success factors from the demand side of the market.