Case Study: USIFI Uses Voice of Customer Study to Find Direction During Transition Period


USIFI was able to increase resources that provided the most value to members, such as:

  • Lobbying
  • Education
  • Technical Assistance

USIFI was able to raise dues.

USIFI also saw growth in their number of members.


The study indicated:

  • The number one issue facing the industry was Asian imports impacting the U.S. market and this was felt throughout the value chain.
  • Many companies in the industry believe a strong trade association could lobby effectively, but felt USIFI did not have sufficient resources to be effective for major initiatives.
  • Members believed the primary roles of the trade association should be in providing education, training, market research, and offering technical symposiums. They did not feel that USIFI needed to sponsor a trade show.
  • Lastly, members and non-members believed that dues were not a major issue if they perceive they are obtaining “value” for their investment.

Business Challenge

USIFI (United States Industrial Fabrics Institute) was in a period of transition and was struggling to find a clear direction. The industry was experiencing turbulent times with increased pressures from imports.

The Institute was in its planning sessions and wanted to obtain direct, unbiased input of what its customers really valued and what they felt the role of their trade association should be.

Research Objective

  • To assist USIFI leadership in assessing the future direction of the organization and prioritizing activities the organization should take.
  • To obtain the “voice of the customer” in the decision making process.



AMG Research attended USIFI’s annual Outlook Conference and met face-to-face with the key stakeholders to obtain direct input into the mission and direction of the research.

In addition, AMG Research worked with USIFI’s committee members to develop research discussion guides for both members and non-members.

AMG Research conducted qualitative 30 to 45 minute telephone interviews with 65 USIFI members and non-members.

All interviews were conducted by only two interviewers to provide consistency to the interviewing process.


Why AMG Research was Chosen

AMG Research was selected to conduct the research study due to our experience in the healthcare and homecare dealer market. With our extensive experience in reaching this audience, AMG Research was able to provide a database for prospective respondents and complete the study on-time and on-budget.