Case Study: Voice of Customer Study Helps Medical Products Manufacturer Assess Market Need for New Product


  • Target application was changed as a result of the general skepticism among hospital personnel regarding antimicrobial coatings.
  • Specific product applications were identified through this research.


The study indicated:

  • Hospital personnel was very aware of antimicrobial coatings for other products and the perception was that they did not “live up to their billing”. There was general skepticism that would need to be overcome.
  • Most clinicians believed there were applications for the technology if it worked well. In particular, clinicians looked to the major causes of hospital acquired infections (HAIs), such as hand hygiene and high-touch areas, being the most likely applications.
  • Specific efficacy data would be needed to overcome skepticism in the marketplace.

Business Challenge

A national medical products manufacturer and distributor was looking to expand their product lines and wanted to assess the market needs for potential new products. In particular, the company was developing new anti-microbial coating technology and was interested in the opportunities to use this technology for isolation gowns, masks, and gloves.

Research Objective

The goal of the research was to obtain detailed customer input into the perceived needs and market opportunity for these potential products.

An additional goal was to identify other potential applications for the technology for the acute care hospital market.



AMG Research recruited and conducted 60 face-to-face interviews with Infection Control, Materials Managers, ER Managers, Epidemiologists, and Physicians in four cities.

Respondents were pre-screened and recruited via telephone to participate in one-on-one interviews.

AMG Research had a nurse practitioner as a member of our research team to assist with terminology and interviewing.

Interviews lasted approximately 30 to 45 minutes and were conducted within a ten day period.


Why AMG Research was Chosen

AMG Research was selected to conduct the research based on our experience in Voice-of-Customer research and our ability to handle all aspects of the project using our internal staff. This ensured that the study would be done on-time, on-budget, and to the highest degree of professionalism.